Firefly Photo’s and Video’s

August 2014

Overall, the Rio Mobility Firefly is working great. When dealing with hemiparesis, it is still a challenge to have only one hand to throttle, brake and try to keep the FireFly steering right. It just takes a lot of energy for him to do all three at once. I'm quite sure that with time this will get easier, but I'm also trying to find solutions that we keep it at "walking speed" until he is more comfortable. Martijn is being great to encourage him, without making it too overwhelming and stressful.

July 2014

It has taken some time, but Rob's is now using his Rio Mobility Firefly. He had a good session with his helper Martijn, and they took a spin down our recently asphalted road. It went really well, but it will take some time for him to get comfortable with it.

June 2013

These are photo's of Rob's new Rio Mobility Firefly. Unfortunately he had a broken leg and could do only limited testing, but so far, it looks like it is going to be really good.