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Personal equipment

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Bags, attachments and holders

KlickFix bag, bottle holder, adapter

KlickFix Compact bag

For everyone who does not need a large handlebar bag. 2 main compartments with zipper for camera, glasses and anything else you need at hand. Especially well- suited for mounting on handlebar or stem. Dimensions: 11x19x9cm   Weight: 180g  Colour: black  Volume: 2L.

Model: 0292CS EAN 4030572101160

KlickFix …

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Burley Travoy Cargo Trailer


I have been looking for a solution for my bike for carrying heavy and odd-sized loads. Primarily it is for shopping, but also doing DIY projects where I need to carry materials and for hauling things to the boat. I’m also looking for something that can attach to my husband’s wheelchair on the back …

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Devices, cases, mounts

Mobile phone

iPhone 5C

We have a subscription and had just renewed it right before Rob had major medical problems. At that time, we both had fairly simple Nokia phones, and although they had internet, they were not really “smartphones”. When everything happened, I had not yet even had time to transfer contacts yet, so …

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DoggyRide Cocoon


We bought the DoggyRide Cocoon so I could take our dog on my bicycle, but also to attach it to my husband’s wheelchair. We plan to attach it to his wheelchair when he uses his ZX-1 Power Add-on for the times we need to keep her enclosed, like at shops and restaurants.

First review

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Personal alarm / personenalarmering

Overview / Overzicht

Waneer De heer Pit heeft epileptische aanvallen, als hij alleen is heeft hij geen manier om hulp te krijgen. Wij zijn op zoek naar een personenalarmering systeem, met valdetectie, die zijn vrouw, ADL-assistent of buurman kan contact opnemen.

Te worden gebruikt zoals de heer Pit heeft een epileptische aanval dat hij hulp …

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