Standing Frame / Statafel

Why it is good to stand

When Rob came home from rehab, it was clear to us that he needed something to help with standing. Standing is essential for so many things with the human body -- we just are not meant not to stand!

Standing and weight-bearing build muscle, which improves the blood flow to the bone, increasing bone mineral density. It helps to decrease the loss of bone mass to avoid fractures and osteoporosis.

Standing also helps with contractures and spasticity and over all posture, range of motion and balance. Being vertical also helps with respiratory function and digestion, and really helps with stretching and keeping limber. Most importantly, it just plain feels good, physically and emotionally.

  • Improve/maintain bone integrity/skeletal development
  • Lessen/manage the progression of scoliosis
  • Strengthen cardiovascular system and build endurance
  • Improve Circulation
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Improve bowel function and regularity
  • Aid in kidney and bladder functions
  • Improve/maintain range of motion
  • Management of atrophy in the trunk and lower extremities
  • Manage pressure (ulcers) through changing positions
  • Improve strength to trunk and lower extremities
  • Decrease joint/muscle contractures

Pronk Ergo

Eastin network: Standing frames and supports for standing (ISO Code 04.48.08

Along with the standing bars, we wanted to give Rob a safe way that he could really work on his standing for longer periods of time. Typically this is done with a standing frame, but they can usually only be found at rehab facilities, which for us is a 45 minute taxi ride each way, and you need to pay for a physio therapist to assist, even if it is not needed the whole time.

We looked into making our own gait trainer, but realized that primarily what was needed was help in standing. After a lot of research and haggling, we managed to talk our insurance company into a standing frame. We justified the cost by sending the calculations for going to a rehab facility 3 days a week, with taxi rides and a physio therapist. Not surprisingly, we could show cost justification in 3-6 months.

There are a few home standing frames out there, but this is the type that Rob had already found useful in rehab and that our insurance would cover.

Pronk Ergo Sta-tafel Folder (PDF)

Prong Ergo Sta-tafel met revalidatietechnicus


Below are some of the others that we looked into.

EasyStand strapstand_1 EasyStand strapstand_2 EasyStand_1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA EasyStand_3 EasyStand_4 EasyStand_5 EasyStand_7 EasyStand_8 EasyStand_9 Otto Bock Prime Engineering Handstand III MSS Pronk Ergo_statafel_senior