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Food & Drinks

Restaurants and Pubs Andijk

In Andijk there is not a lot going on outside of a few local cafes and restaurants. The best places for food and drinks are Enkhuizen, Hoorn and Medemblik. This is a good link to see all local restaurants Iens Restaurant Guide.


Achtereiland 12A
1671 HP Medemblik
Web: http://www.deartiest.nl/
E-mail: eten@deartiest.nl

This is one of our favourite restaurants for good fish.


More to come...


More to come...


Andijk is much more limited, but here is a list of what is possible:

Cafe Pension ’t Ankertje
Dijkweg 338, Andijk
Tel: +31 (0)228 591 436
Web: http://www.pension-ankertje.nl/

’t Ankertje is about 100 meters from our. It is usually full of the usual suspects in the neighbourhood (and possibly us).

Restaurant en Pizzeria ‘Dijkhuis’
Dijkweg 390, Andijk
Tel: (0228) 593070 or (0228) 591141
Web: http://www.dijkhuisandijk.nl//