Directions and Parking


Visitor's entrance

We will provide you with our address upon request. Our apartment is on Sem Presserhof, which is on the inside of the building block between Lumierestraat, IJburglaan and Maria Austriastraat. It can be accessed from any of the entrances up a few steps.

We are on the side closest to Maria Austriastraat overlooking the children's play area. You will need to ring our buzzer and we will let you in and then you take the lift to the first floor.

Main entrance

If you are delivering something big or you need access without steps, it will be easiest to use the main entrance to our building at Maria Austriastraat 698, 1087 JC Amsterdam. If you call when you arrive, I will come downstairs.

[Als u iets groots levert of als u zonder stappen toegang nodig heeft, is het het gemakkelijkst om de hoofdingang van ons gebouw aan de Maria Austriastraat 698, 1087 JC Amsterdam te gebruiken. Als je belt wanneer je aankomt, kom ik naar beneden.]

Directions from Centraal Train Station

Directions from Schiphol Airport

For traveling by public transportation, it's cheaper to get and Amsterdam Travel Ticket. You can buy it at the I Amsterdam Visitor centre: Amsterdam Centraal Station, Schiphol Airport, Arrivals 2 at Schiphol plaza (Holland Tourist information) or at Amsterdam Centraal Station.

Street Parking

There are two parking meters (parkeerautomaat) within 50 meteres on Maria Austriastraat and Lumierestraat. The digital parking system in Amsterdam means that you need to enter your registration plate details into the parking meter when you pay for parking. You don’t need to display a parking receipt in your car, because they scan to see if you have paid based on your registration plate.

Payment methods: Amsterdam's parking meters do not accept cash or coins. Payment can only be made using a Dutch bank card or major (international) credit card. For more information, see

Parking is free on IJburg on Sundays and public holidays.

Hourly rate
Monday - Saturday 09:00 - 19:00
€ 2.40
Day card
09:00 - 19:00
€ 14.40
24 hour card
Can enter any time
€ 21.00

Garage Parking

Switchpark IJburg: Erich Salomonstraat 372 1087 GZ Amsterdam

Interparking: Daguerrestraat 53, 1087 BR Amsterdam (on the side of the Albert Heijn)

A note about directions:

There is a school of thought which says you should consult a map on these occasions, but to such people I merely say, 'Ha! What if you have no map to consult? What if you have a map but it's of the Dordogne?' My own strategy is to find a car, or the nearest equivalent, which looks as if it knows where it's going and follow it. I rarely end up where I was intending to go, but often I end up somewhere that I needed to be. So what have you to say to that?
--  by Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul