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Nice autumn afternoon

We had a nice afternoon today and celebrated my 53rd year on the planet. We went to a local nature recreation area and had a nice walk and a late lunch out on the terrace. It’s a nice restaurant and friendly and they also welcome dogs too. Jane had a […]

Some special visitors

Rob had some special visitors today. His old friend Remco and Jos came over with Rob Scholte, a well known Dutch artist that he admires. I had not told Rob that Rob Scholte was coming with them and he was really surprised. At first he could not speak and had […]

First really nice spring day

We had a lovely day today and spring is finally here. It was nice to sit out in the garden. Lots of gardening to do, but I’ll let nature do her thing with the daff’s and soon to be tulips first.  

Jansen – de Wijze Man

Wat een prachtig verrassing! [What a wonderful surprise!] We waren volledig verrast toen een oudere heer belde aan bij onze deur vandaag. Hij had zijn trike uit Wervershoof gereden op een koude en regenachtige dag om ons een schilderij dat hij had gemaakt van Jansen te brengen. Hij had het […]

Jane’s first walk alone

This photo and video was Jane’s first walk without Jansen. She was not really alone, because we were both with her, but we could really see how different it was for her. It was a hard walk for all of us, and one we have been putting off, because we […]

Jane’s 3rd Birthday 2015

Today is Jane’s 3rd Birthday. We had celebrated her other birthdays with Jansen’s birthday, because they are very close to each other. It was sad to not have Jansen here to celebrate this year, but we were so cheered up by some lovely cards and gifts our friend Aj sent. […]

Christmas 2014

We have had a lot of challenges the last months. We were not really into having a festive holiday time, but did want to have a nice time together and be thankful for all that we have.    

Nice Autumn Weekend

I kind of forgot it was Halloween on Friday until a neighbour stopped by. I did manage to get a couple of decorations up though. It’ was unseasonably warm over the weekend. We also got in a nice walk with the dogs and really enjoyed what I think was the […]

Exploring New Possibilities!

After a very difficult time, we have managed to find another person to help Rob paint. Her name is Tineke, and we are very excited for her to begin this week. She is an artist and has a good background in coaching and we think she will help Rob bring […]