Transit Tie-Downs / Reinforced Frame

This was a package option consisting of four factory-installed Transit Tie-Down Brackets and a Reinforced Frame.

Transit Tie-Downs

We wanted the Transit Tie-Down option for when Rob uses a taxi. We were not able to convince the government that this was needed, but I'm glad we have it because we would have problems with most taxi's here without it. We primarily needed the back brackets for the taxi services we use, because on his 2GX chair they were connecting to the anti-tips, which was very dangerous.They work very well in wheelchair taxi's, but many of the drivers ignore our instructions and still try to connect to the anti-tips. We put some red electrical tape on them, and this seems to help.

We took off the front brackets, because they are not needed in the local taxi's, and they are very heavy (568 gram = 1.25 lbs). Although they would have been nice to hang things on, they also got in the way during transfers. The back brackets were mounted in reverse when we received them (as shown in the pictures). They were getting in the way of the anti-tips going to an upright position so we had the dealer reverse them (not shown in the pictures).

Reinforced Frame

We wanted the Reinforced Frame for when Rob has a power add-on. I'm not really sure what is different with the Reinforced Frame, but I have been told it has a thicker walled tube frame and higher grade bolts.

We were not able to convince the government that the Reinforced Frame was needed, even though TiLite expressly states that their warranty is invalid if using a power assist without a Reinforced Frame, and this is not something that can be retrofitted later.

If you chose to mount any power assist system on a non-power adaptable frame or non-reinforced frame, the warranty will be void on any aspect of the chair affected by the added power assist system.

The dealer agreed they would warranty the frame without it being reinforced. Still, we did not feel comfortable with it, and were able to fund it by ordering it as a package with the Transit Tie-Down Brackets and money we saved by ordering other options directly from the US and an online dealer.

TiLite also offers a Heavy Duty Edition for heavier users, and a Power Adaptable Frame for use with E-Fix and E-Motion power assist systems. I'm not really sure about all of differences, but both of those versions had a lot of requirements and other components that they were not available with.

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