Seat Back/ Push Handles / Rigidizer Bar

Folding Titanium Adjustable Height Locking Seat Back and Aluminum Tishaft Back release bar

We are very happy with the Titanium folding back and the Aluminum locking Back release bar. This will allow the seat back to lock in the folded position. We think this will be useful when loading in/out of the car and also when flying when we gate check the chair. The Aluminum release seems to be just fine, and we would not use it to  support the chair anyway, so we could not justify the extra cost of titanium.

These photo's show the Adjustable Height Seat Back Lock Hinge for Armrests in the up and down position:

Adjustable Height Seat Back Lock Hinge for Armrests (up) Adjustable Height Seat Back Lock Hinge for Armrests (down)

Seat Back with Integrated Fold-Down Push Handles

Medium 14.5”- 19” Set at: 17". The Integrated Fold-Down Push Handles are really nice.  I know that many are against push handles, but in our case we really need them. We hope they will keep other people from trying to push my husband, and in smaller spaces like our kitchen, will keep me from catching on to them with my clothes. They are also less obtrusive looking folded down too. I highly recommend them, even more so if you are not a fan of push handles but you need them sometimes.

Backrest Rigidizer Bar

We ordered the 4” deep backrest rigidizer bar because we have an ADI seat back, and wanted to give enough room that the seat depth was not shortened and it folded completely down. The rigidizer bar appears to be 5.25" from the top of the seat frame and about 6" below the top post (we have a medium 14.5”- 19” seat back).

These photo's show the back rest down, which is how we travel with it in the back of the car:

2013 03 25_2684 2013 03 25_2682

According to the order form, the standard rigidizer bar height is suppose to be 6.25” above the seat sling for a medium seat back, and if ordering a custom height backrest rigidizer bar the maximum height should be 3” less than lowest seat back height.

I had assumed that this would be the same with the 4” deep backrest rigidizer bar, but it was not. It would have been better to have it a little bit higher, like the standard rigidizer bar. I probably should have specified it and paid the extra $150, so that it did not interfere with the anti-tilt mechanism on our ZX-1 Power Add-on, and it would have also been been better for our backpack so he can get at it easier.

Note: Since we ordered it is now possible to get a Custom Height Backrest Rigidizer Bar at no charge. The Standard Rigidizer Bar height is now 5” above the Seat Sling for a short, 6” for a medium and 10” for a tall. Custom Height Rigidizer Bar must be at least 4-1/2” above Seat Sling Maximum Height is 3” less than Lowest Seat Back Height without push handles.