Front Forks / Casters

TiLite Standard Fork

We had originally planned on getting Frog Legs Suspension Forks. Unfortunately, we had a hard time configuring the chair so that it would not be too tippy. Neither our supplier or TiLite were able to advise us on what to modify so that the chair would not be too forward tippy, so unfortunately, we had to take a guess and decided to forgo the Frog Legs Forks.

We also considered the Frog Legs Unitine Forks and the TiLite Slipstream Single-Sided Fork, because it really would have helped with all the hair that gets caught in the casters, and would have made the fork slightly more narrow for going through narrow spaces. The reason we did not is that I was concerned about strength when using the ZX-1 Power Add-on.

Since this time another fork has come out, the TiLite Out-Front Glide Single-Sided Suspension Fork, which might be an option for the next chair, because it can not be retroffitted.

Plastic Wheel w/Poly Tire replaced with Frog Leg Epic Soft Roll Casters

Plastic Wheel w/Poly Tire

The standard TiLite (Primo) 5”x1” Plastic Wheel w/Poly Tire is okay, but we needed extra shock absorbing and strength for use with the ZX-1 Power Add-on. These will be used as spares. We would have also considered the LightSpeed Billet Aluminum Front Wheels with Soft Rolls, but they only came out the week we were ordering.

Frog Leg Epic Soft Roll Casters

The 5" x 1.4" Frog Leg Epic Soft Roll Casters, Aluminum Tire: Black Hub: Black Anodized are great.  We already have these in non- anodized for a 2GX and knew we liked them. The black anodized is worth the extra $5 for the aesthetics to match the Spinergy LX black wheels and hubs.