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Bags and Other stuff

Travelon Water Bottle and Cell Phone Holder

Easy to mount on the front frame with 3 velcro attachments. I like that it is collapsible, because other plastic holders often broke or got in the way. Note, I have seen this cheaper on Amazon than Sportaid.

Sportaid Adult Wheelchair Backpack

This is also Sportaid’s own with similar features to the seat pouch bag. We will use it as an everyday backpack, but will probably use a larger one when travelling by air.

Sportaid Deluxe Wheelchair Seat Pouch Bag

This is Sportaid’s own made by New American Industries in Fresno, CA.  It looks to be durable and is light weight with both compartments having good zipper pull rings. The smaller front comparent is pleated on the bottom and the middle compartment is very roomy. Both are easy to access. The attachments are good, but may be difficult for someone without good hand dexterity.

SAE Tools and Kit

As far as tools go, we have a lot of SAE portable tools, but I wanted some with better torque. The pictures below are of cheap SAE tools we could get locally. They are not great, but they will work. We also have 2 sets of portable tools to take with us when not at home. The middle picture is oil, cleaner and Loctite that are needed for wheelchair maintenance. The last photo is of my wheel around Ikea  workshop. It works great because I know that I won't have anyone else messing with the tools we need, unlike when they are in our shed, and I can take it with me wherever I want to work.

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