Armrests / Anti-Tips

Armrests - Swing Away - Tubular 9” to 12”

We had planned to go with the flip-up swing away armrests, but were advised by our dealer that swing away would be stronger. They certainly are lighter weight, but I am not sure if they are stronger. We like both of the swing away and flip-up armrests much better than we did the deskarm type. We went with a shorter version so that they do not get in the way while at a table or desk.

The  flip-up swing away armrests have taken more maintenance to keep them in position, but I "think" I have sorted that by putting Loc-tite on the screws. Unfortunately, both have the same problem that they can easily be pulled up, so although I think I might be able to swap them, I am not sure what the benefit would be.

Anti-Tips - User Friendly Flip-up Anti-Tips

Once we got the User Friendly Flip-up Anti-Tips configured right, we are very happy with them. It's much easier to be able to tip them out of the way when not needed, than have to remove them completely, as needed with standard anti-tips. We almost had a problem with space on the camber tube with also having a ZX-1 Power Add-on, but we just made it with millimeters to spare.

User Friendly Anti-tip Configuration

The User Friendly Anti-tips that we received were not the right size for the chair.  In summary, they were too low, and they also didn't appear to be long enough. When mounted into the receivers, they also appeared to be different lengths. I was able to completely tip the chair backward with them in place.

The Owners Manual says the anti-tips should be between 1-1/2 inches to 2 inches off the ground when they are in the “down” position. They only 1.25 inches off the ground as delivered, at the farthest that the release button will go, which is hole 5 of six (second from the wheel). We would like them 2 - 2.5 inches off the ground.

the Anti-tip Assembly to make sure the receiver mounts are set at the same position for the threaded holes. He also checked the Axle Assembly that the vertical camber tube struts (item7 and item 5) are the same on both sides.

I checked that the Axle Assembly and the vertical camber tube struts (item 7 and item 5) are the same on both sides. I also checked the Anti-tip Assembly (item 1 and item 11) to make sure the receiver mounts are set at the same position for the threaded holes. Interestingly, when facing from the back, on the right side it was at the first (top) hole, and on the left it was in the second threaded hole. I tried different holes, but had conflicts with the transit brackets and the back ridigizer bar. Now I have them both set in the second threaded hole from the top.

Here is the drawing from the Parts Manual 10-7.2.1-5 showing the mounting bracket with 5 threaded holes:

User Friendly Anti-tips parts

Note: Here is a picture from the The User's Manual, Figure 13-16 ZRA Series 2 Mounting the Anti-Tip, which shows only 3 threaded holes instead of 5 threaded holes.

User Friendly Anti-tips

I am wondering if possibly a different combination of the top bent tube or bottom extension tube is needed. Here are pictures with the anti-tips as delivered, and you can see that they are different lengths when in the receivers. I did check the obvious, and the anti-tips are the same lengths.

2013 03 19_2562 2013 03 19_2560User Friendly Anti-tips

Here are photo's showing the receivers with the threaded holes in the mount at the second threaded hole:

User Friendly Anti-tips Threaded Holes User Friendly Anti-tips Threaded Holes

Here are some photo's of the anti-tips in the “down” position, at the farthest that the release button will go, which is hole 5 of 6 (second from the wheel). They are only about 1.25 inches off the ground and they are not back (aft) enough, and it is easy to tip the chair backward.

2013 03 28_2699 2013 03 28_2701

If extended to the maximum length, which is hole 6 of 6 (sixth from the wheel) they are dragging on the ground, but they are back (aft) enough. Unfortunately, it will not work having them dragging on the ground.

2013 03 28_2702 2013 03 28_2703

This photo shows that the anti-tips are not level:

Anti-tips are not level

Finding what Anti-tips we needed

As I’ve written earlier, I’m trying to figure out what size User Friendly Anti-tip tubes we need for our ZRA Series 2. It ended up taking me quite a lot of time to figure out, and I'm still not done. I’m hoping this information might help others trying to figure out what length tubes they need for their anti-tips, or steer me in a better direction for figuring it out.

This is quite a tedious project, and all I can think is that there must be an easier way! I have been doing some general experimenting and looking through the CAD repository to see what others use. I think I have a feel for what we want, which is about 2-2.5” high, and set with the anti-tip axle about perpendicular with the back of the rear wheel, but no further. I think if we can find anti-tips that do this that have some “wiggle room”, we can adjust them once we have them.

Finding what Anti-tips we had

Under this link Accessories / Anti-tips / User Friendly Anti-tips / ZRA-ZR-TWIST-AERO Z Ser 2-TR Ser 3 User Friendly  I could get to the assemblies for the User Friendly Anti-tip for the ZRA Series 2. The images/PDF’s show the same CAD drawing, but the “Stock Code” links to a page that lists the specific part numbers, for example Stock Code: AS104941-Z. If you then click the link to the “Part Number”, for example AS103375-Z or AS103462-Z it shows an image of the tubes for that Stock Code along with the dimensions.

Note: These are the same part numbers listed under Accessories / Anti-tips / Anti-tip Tubes & Wheels., but I think it is much harder to determine what part number is part of what assembly under that link.

I then physically measured our anti-tips based on the dimensions provided in the images. I then downloaded the top bent tube images (short, medium, long) with the goal of making a template to see what might work. In the case of the User Friendly Anti-tips, the bottom extension tubes are all the same, Part Number: AS103462-Z with a length of 7”. Because we already have this part, I did not go through the same exercise with that.

These are the anti-tips we have Stock Code: AS104941-Z MEDIUM ANTI-TIP LONG EXT,PR:

4B-5 2 AS103375-Z ANTI-TIP BENT TUBE ASSEMBLY AS103375-Z User Friendly Anti-tip Bent Tube Medium_orig
[Click to print ~100% scaled to 250%]
6-10 2 AS103462-Z FLIP-UP ANTI-TIP WHEEL LONG ASSEMBLY  AS103375-Z User Friendly Anti-tip Bottom Tube Medium

These are the other top bent tubes available:

4A-5 2 AS103374-Z ANTI-TIP BENT TUBE SHORT ASSEMBLY  AS103374-Z User Friendly Anti-tip Bent Tube Short_orig
[Click to print ~100% scaled to 217%]
4C-5 2 AS104935-Z ANTI-TIP BENT TUBE LONG ASSEMBLY AS104935-Z User Friendly Anti-tip Bent Tube Long_orig
[Click to print ~100% scaled to 272%]

The other Anti-tip project... TiLite 2GX

We also need to lengthen our very short Standard Anti-tips on our used 2GX chair. The original RSH was 14.5”, which we later raised to 17”, so it is only logical that they are too short. It was setup as a “hemi” chair, which I still don’t completely understand about how they come about dimensions for (another post).

Under this link Accessories / Anti-tips / Standard Anti-tips / AERO X-2GX-AERO R Anti-tips are the Standard Anti-tips for the 2GX. I am trying to figure out both the top bent tubes and the bottom extension tubes, because Standard anti-tips have x-short, short, and long for the top bent tube and it appears to be 4” short and 7” long bottom extension tubes (7” appears to be the same as for the User Friendly Anti-tips).

Unfortunately, ours do not appear to be so standard. The top bent tubes are about 6.5” high and about 8” long. The bottom extension tubes appear to be around 5”. Nothing even comes close to this in the parts list. Unfortunately, there are a few Product Numbers that seem to have broken links, and my guess is that they may be the ones I need.

Note: Our 2GX Standard anti-tips bottom extension tube is able to fit into the User Friendly Anti-tips top bent tube, so possibly combinations using those are also possible if needed for any reason with the User Friendly Anti-tips (check with TiLite). The top bent tubes are different and can not be swapped because they have 2 buttons and the receptacle is different.

Question about TiLite Stock Codes

This may be a very stupid question, or I am missing something that is completely obvious? Does anyone know of an easy way to find out what Stock Codes were used for their TiLite chair? Although there is the Serial Number look-up, I have yet to find a way to match the codes in the Serial Number look-up to the Stock Code.

For example, our User Friendly Anti-tips on the ZRA2 are listed as “Z2TIP2 USER FRIENDLY ANTI-TIPS E0971” and on the 2GX our Standard Anti-tips are listed as “GXTIP1 BLACK ALUMINUM ANTI-TIPS E0971”. I know that the “E” number is the HCPCS code, used in the U.S. for billing, but how do I find out what Stock Codes the “Z2TIP2” or “GXTIP1” link to?

I can understand that this can not all be included until the chair is complete, but It would be nice if an extension could be added to the Serial Number look-up where I could have a link directly to the Stock Code. This would avoid the very tedious exercise I am going through, which is hours of drilling down to the part numbers and physically measuring the anti-tips and printing images. And some of them just don’t work. There has to be a better way!

Problem mostly resolved

Good news. We resolved this for the most part. Ruud from the dealer came by and we played with different anti-tips and receivers. Neither of us could quite figure out what was different about them, but we have a workable solution after we swapped them out. I just wish I knew what we swapped for, because now I have no idea, and I don't think the part numbers are printed on them anywhere. They are still not completely even, which annoys me a bit, but we can live with. They match the unevenly welded rigidizer bar!