ZX-1 Photo’s and Video’s

Rob's ZX-1 Power Add-on Part 3: Sunny September Stroll

Updated: September 2014

This video was made while Rob was using the ZX-1 Power Add-on after adjustments were made for the speed. There are still some adjustments that needed to be made so he is still riding it very conservatively.

Rob's ZX-1 Power Add-on Part 2: Taking a walk

Updated: August 2013

Rob testing out his new ZX-1 Power Add-on after he has the cast taken off his leg. He is still taking it slow, because his leg is not yet healed, but as you can see, he is doing great. Note, the other person at the end of the video is the Wmo consultant from our municipality Medemblik who approved the ZX-1 for PGB government funding.

Rob's New ZX-1 Power Add on Part 1: Initial Testing

Updated: July 2013

This is a video we made of Rob testing out the ZX-1 Power Add-on. Note that at the time he had a broken leg, so testing was limited.

Receiving the ZX-1 and initial testing

Spinergy ZX-1 Videos

BeachMobility ZX-1 Videos

The inventor Pat Tallino demonstrates the various capabilities of the ZX1.

ZX1 Wheelchair Power Add-On Trunk Loading