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ZX-1 Components Photo’s

The following are photo's of the ZX-1 components from both the original ZX-1 and the new ZX-1 that we received to fix some problems we were having (see ZX-1 Adjustments).

New ZX-1 Components

These are photo's from the new ZX-1 we received in October 2014 (#87):

Original ZX-1 Components

These are photo's from the original ZX-1 we received in June 2013 (#15):

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    I’m a quad with a ZX-1 and I’ve broken one of the gas springs / columbia struts. It’s functioning fine without it, but I’m not sure if it is hazardous. I can’t find anything about the piece in the owner’s manual. Do you know what it’s there for, exactly? Any direction you can offer would be a huge help. I live in Maine and my local DME provider could not assist. Thanks!

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