Power Handbike Options

What we Decided on...

RioMobility Firefly

Full Electric Power

The Firefly™ is a full electric-powered version of our handcycle. It can also be easily detached and stored in any trunk so there is no need for an expensive custom van.

Digital Control Center

All the controls are within easy reach:
5 power levels selected through the display, speedometer and odometer, battery level indicator, reverse switch (red), two brake handles with parking brake capability, and motorcycle-style throttle.

Maintenance-Free Electric Motor

The Firefly™ is powered by a powerful, compact, and quiet brushless electric hub motor. Sealed and maintenance free, it will give years of relible service.

Lightweight Removeable Battery

Our high-capacity lithium battery has an extra-long life and gives you long range is a lightweight, compact package. It slides off easily for storage or charging.

Totally Adjustable

The Firefly is totally adjustable for all wheelchairs and wheelchair users.

Easily Removeable

The Firefly can be easily snaped on and off with our patented attachment system.

Insurance / Medicare

Medicare HCPCS code of E0984


Rio Mobility firefly1 Rio Mobility firefly2 Rio Mobility firefly3 Rio Mobility firefly4 Rio Mobility firefly5 Rio Mobility firefly6Rio Mobility basket-large

Firefly handbike attached in a Oracing XTR2 (by Toto):

Overview of Requirements

All of the power only handbikes evolved from manual handbikes, which evolved from bicycles. They were designed for users who have good upper body strength, and are heavy to use with one arm. Some are also using heavy old technology batteries, of which you need to mount extra batteries to get maximum range, which make them even heavier. They are also not so easy to connect/disconnect or lift with one arm.

Although I think Rob would like the look of a power handbike better (more like a bike), I have concerns about their rather complicated controls. Handbikes also need some room to maneuver, which is okay on the street, but not so nice in crowded places like stores, events like concerts, and other places he would use it, i.e, most of Holland.

We are hoping to have both a power add-on and a power handbike, to be used depending on the situation. If you look at some of the prices, you can see why that is prohibitive. We are only expecting partial reimbursement, and need to find the best option to give him powered mobility soon.