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Ultralight Add-ons / Assists

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Spinergy ZX-1 Power Add-On

What we decided on…

Spinergy ZX-1 Power Add-On

Extend your freedom with our revolutionary ZX-1 Power Add-On offering lifestyle enhancing mobility. The ZX-1’s modern, lightweight design is highly maneuverable, easy to operate and is packed with features allowing you to engage in more day-to-day activities with style.

Click here to download the Brochure.

The ZX-1 …

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Power Handbike Options

What we Decided on…

RioMobility Firefly

Full Electric Power

The Firefly™ is a full electric-powered version of our handcycle. It can also be easily detached and stored in any trunk so there is no need for an expensive custom van.

Digital Control Center

All the controls are within easy reach: 5 power levels selected through …

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Power / Manual Assist Options

Although we do not plan to get a Power Assist or Manual Assist  here is some information copied from websites of those available.

The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) E0986 is what the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplier will input into the system to get a power assist covered by Medicare. You will need …

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Attendant Assist Options

We were not looking for an “attendant assist” or “attendant control” power add-on, but I wanted to include a few links for others who may be. Some of the are self-controlled with accessories to allow attendant control. Some products are marketed under different names depending on the country, but are listed based on the original …

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Manual Handbike and Recumbent Options

Manual Handbikes

Below are some wheelchair pedal Handbike attachments currently on the market. For various reasons, we are not in the market at this time, but I thought I would include them if anyone is interested.

Reha-Technik Speedy Pedalofit

The Speedy-Pedalofit allows wheelchair users to pedal with their feet.  It is both a means of …

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All-Terrain Third Wheel Options

Overview of Requirements

We are looking for an “All-Terrain Third Wheel” for a TiLite ZRA ultralight rigid frame manual wheelchair to be used outside, with and without a ZX-1 Power Add-on. The following is some rather rambling information about what we are looking for and why, along with some of the options that we have …

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Pedal Third Wheel Options

Note: This is “thinking out loud” and very rough ideas, basic research, etc. It is not something we are actively pursing now, but I may see what we can do in the future. If we do that, it will be using the adapter that we have used for the Modified All-Terrain Third Wheel  with a …

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One Arm Drive Systems

We were thinking about getting a one-arm-drive (OAD) for helping with steering and braking, but backed away from the idea, because Rob found it difficult to use and they are also not very intuitive and take a lot of thought to operate. I think he would have spent all his energy thinking about it, which …

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