Rob received a Permobil Corpus C350 in 2010. This was organised through the municipality (ZIN) through a consulting company. At the time we were not fully in agreement about a powerchair. We felt it would be good for him to have outside the house, but both of us felt that it was not active enough inside the house and would hinder his rehab. We were told that we could change to a manual ultralight later if it did not work. Rob was very reluctant to use the powerchair.

After almost 2 years the powerchair was collecting dust. He only really used it outside, and that was only on a few occasions. Instead he was using a not very good quality folding manual wheelchair. We had many problem with having it repaired, and on 2 occasions he had bad accidents and injured himself quite badly. It became clear that a full powerchair was not the proper decision, and instead we decided on an ultralight manual wheelchair with power support purchased with at PGB so that we would have more input on what was needed.

Portable Powerchairs

We have also looked into portable powerchairs. We decided against this options, but here are some of the options we looked at.

EZ Lite Cruiser



Smart Chair