Bags, attachments and holders

KlickFix bag, bottle holder, adapter

KlickFix Compact bag

For everyone who does not need a large handlebar bag. 2 main compartments with zipper for camera, glasses and anything else you need at hand. Especially well- suited for mounting on handlebar or stem. Dimensions: 11x19x9cm   Weight: 180g  Colour: black  Volume: 2L.

Model: 0292CS
EAN 4030572101160

KlickFix Bottle KLICK

The popular Bottlefix now comes with its own KLICKfix quick-release feature. You can fix any bottle cage quickly on your bike and release it by pressing the red button. Can be used for all common bottle cages. Mini-adapter included. Weight: 60 g,

EAN 4030572002184

KlickFix Mini Adapter

Small, round and multi-functional – the KLICKfix Mini-adapter. You can turn the head part of the adapter in 90° steps, allowing you to attach an accessory from any of four different directions. Easy mounting with stainless strap on any frame, handlebar, stem or seat post between Ø 15-60mm, load limit 1 kg max.. (Not available separately).

Model:: 0000MA

Manufacturer information

Manufacturer: Rixen & Kaul GmbH
Limminghofer Street 9
D-42699 Solingen, Germany
Tel: (+49) 02 12 / 6 59 66-16
fax: (+49) 02 12 / 6 59 66-30
Route:  (SE of Düsseldorf 2 h 26 min)
Register court office: City of Wuppertal / HRB 15345
VAT ID no. in accordance with § 27a UstG: DE 120959908

Managing directors:
Daniel Rixen
Britta Kaul

Topeak Modula Cage II

Innovative diameter adjustment system makes adapting the Modula™ Cage from traditional cycling water bottle sizes to store bought bottled water containers quick and simple… just push a button and slide to fit. Constructed of engineering-grade plastic 
and aluminum.

Model: TMD06B
Material: Aluminum / Engineering grade plastic
Outer Diameter: Fits ø63 - ø74 mm / ø2.5” - ø2.9”
Size: 15.8 x 8.6 x 7.6 cm / 6.2” x 3.4” x 3”
Weight: 72 g / 2.53 oz

I got this because we have tried a few different drink holders on the wheelchair. None of them have really worked because they never fit the size of the cup, glass or bottle and they move around a lot and they stick out too far and can't be easily removed (see Drive Universal Cup Holder photo). We have one that sort of works, but it is fiddly to put on and take off, and is not easy to get a bottle or glass in with one hand (see Travelon On the Go Water Bottle Holder). We will use this to attach to the KlickFix Bottle KLICK with the KlickFix Mini Adapter. All in, it's pretty expensive, but I hope that it will work and be easy to adjust and take on/off when not being used.

Basically, it's a standard bottle cage, except there's a little button underneath that you can't see from the picture. When you press the button, it releases the case so that you can expand or compact it. You can actually do this with the water bottle in the case so you're not guessing and creating a nice snug fit. The button is flat with the bottom of the cage so it doesn't protrude and won't get snagged. You can also fine-tune the case after you've positioned it to where you want by turning the thumb screw on the front of the case (you can actually see in the photos). That allows you to really get a perfect fit around any bottle, say if it has special grips or isn't quite snug enough after using the button, etc.