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Outside accessibility

This is a huge topic that I never get time to write about, because we spend too much time trying to navigate in an inaccessible world!

Accessibility Cards

This page started as a post about handicapped parking, which was a bit of a rant after a tough time parking the last few years and being fed up with it. After a lot of other people responded I moved most of that post to this page, because I believe it is an important topic …

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Accessible Travel

This page contains information about accessible travel, both local and abroad, for places we go or plan to go.

For some general information about accessible travel, with many links, please see the Reeve Foundation Fact Sheet on Travel (PDF).

Here are some links, courtsey of KLD on CareCure and others that I have added about …

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Funding equipment

Home Modifications and Transportation Woningaanpassingen en vervoersvoorzieningen

  • You decide which company you purchase the facility. The company must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. You may not buy from a private individual.
  • You will have to search and choose a product and negotiates its own price and delivery.
  • You manage the budget and justify …
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    Accessible Routes

    This page contains information about accessible wheelchair routes locally and in places we want to travel to. It is a work-in-progress that I will add to over time.

    This is a website for finding and mapping wheelchair routes: WalkJogRun Wheelchair Route Planner

    Local, within rolling distance

    These are some routes from our house to …

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    Accessible Air Travel

    The information that follows is about our situation with air traveling with mobility equipment.

    Air Travel with a Manual Wheelchair and Power add-on

    I have been trying to decide the best way to fly with Rob’s manual wheelchair that has attachable Power add-on’s.

    Planning and booking the flight

    We usually fly …

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