Gait Trainers

Before we got approval for a standing frame from our insurance, I considered making a gait trainer with a harness system or to mount something to a beam on our ceiling with a harness. We may consider this again later, so I am including photo's of the different systems and harness options available.

Since that time we also have a patient lift system that we can also use with a harness as a sort of gait trainer. See Floor lift.

Gait Trainer Systems

TheraStride 3 TheraStride 2 TheraStride 1 SpinoFLEX Unweighing system SpinoFLEX PMD 300 SpinoFLEX PMD 200 SecondStep GHS SecondStep GHS 2 M.A.S.S. Treadmill package LiteGait LiteGait Mobility Device Bioness ZeroG Bioness Biodex Unweighing System

This is a blog I am following over someone who is making their own gait trainer for his son based on a LiteGait. So far, it looks like he has real thought this through well, and I'll be curious to see how it works out. This is the starting post Make your own gait trainer and save money and there are others that follow.

The are some web pages and documents I was researching: Mobility Research _ LiteGait Protocols & Techniques, litegait_katalog engelsk 2011,  Partial weight bearing (PWB) - Spiertraining en revalidatie, Large NIH-funded rehabilitation study looks at getting stroke patients back on their feet, February 11, 2011 News Release - National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bioness ZeroG, Bioness ZeroG gait training system

Harness Options

Some of these are full-body safety harness' used in industry and rescue.

Biodex Standard Unweighing Harness BonMed harness 1 EZ Way Walking Harness 2 EZ Way Walking Harness M.A.S.S. Unloading Harness Back M.A.S.S. Unloading Harness Front MAGS Suspension Vest 695 SHBD PMI Avatar Full Body Harness PMI CS Tech Full Body Harness PMI Spreader Bar PneuThera Cable Assembly PneuThera Pneu-Vest Vectors 2 PneuThera Pneu-Vest Vectors 3 PneuThera Pneu-Vest Vectors R-N-R, Y Lifting Spreader Yoke Robertson Mountaineering Treadmill Harness -EX-Large #M140 Robertson Mountaineering Treadmill Harness -Small #M110 SecondStep GHS Harness SoloStep Performance Harness SpinoFLEX Harness Yates Padded Heavy Rescue Harness Yates Riggers Full Body Harness OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA YATES Voyager Full Body Harness