Floor lift / Vloer tillift

Active lift (floor to sit) / Actief tillift (vloer te zit)

Eastin network: Mobile hoists for transferring a person in sitting position with sling seats - ISO Code: 12.36.03

Hulpmiddelenwijzer: patiëntenliften actief

We need a lift for floor to chair transfers to be able to get Rob back into the wheelchair by either me or on-call help if he has a fall when he has a seizure. We need something that will be easy for caregivers to learn and use. it would be nice if we could get something that could do double duty as a portable lift for traveling by car to hotels without good bathroom facilities. .

We usually do semi-weight bearing standing pivot transfers. He can full weight bear on the right, but only partially weight bear on the left. He has reasonable upper body control, but only has the use of one arm and one leg while transferring. He would always have assistance when using a lift. He is only about 150 lbs. so it does not need to be heavy duty. It needs to be narrow to move through doors when assembled. We want something that does not take up too much space when not in use (foldable) and light weight for using outside. It needs to be easy to assemble without tools if used while traveling.

The best option I found that would work well for all purposes is the Handicare SystemRoMedic StandUp, but unfortunately it is *very* expensive. The only other option that I see are more traditional passive lifts with slings, but they are more than he really needs.



  1.  Can be used for floor transfers
  2. Portable and compact
  3. Can be used when there is little space
  4. Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  5. Easy for one person
  6. Easy to assemble without tools
  7. Easy to give training
  1. Kan gebruikt worden voor vloer-transfers.
  2. Draagbaar en compact
  3. Kan worden gebruikt wanneer er weinig ruimte is
  4. Kan worden gebruikt binnen als buiten.
  5. Gemakkelijk voor een persoon
  6. Eenvoudig te monteren zonder gereedschap
  7. Eenvoudig training te geven

Handicare StandUp

Mangar Camel of Elk sta-op lift

Oxford/Hoyer Advance 

With Transport of Quickfit sling (tillband)

Molift Smart 150

Passive lift (floor to sit and stand) / Passief tillift (vloer te zit en staan)

Eastin network: Mobile hoists for transferring a person in sitting position with sling seats - ISO Code: 12.36.03

Hulpmiddelenwijzer:patientenliften passief

After recent falls I decided that I really needed to find some solutions for if/when it happens again. See this post for more information about these falls Keeping an Eye on the Sail. My back really can't take it anymore, and it's really hard physically on Rob. We also find it difficult to call for help, and they are making it more difficult to send someone over. Once they do come, they do not usually handle it well and it causes a lot of stress for Rob, physically and emotionally, and a lot of stress for me to get them to listen.

I found out that the only way we can get a lift funded is through the municipality, but the amount of work in bureaucracy was much more than to find a solution on our own. Also, from what I could see about what our options would be, I felt it was better to find our own solution.

Much like all other equipment, there is really not a lot out there for people with hemiplegia who are strong on one side, but not the other. I searched every possible DIY option I could think of -- everything from sailing hoists and pulleys, a mini fork lift and even a Pullzall!

In the end, I decided they were all too risky and decided on a used patient lift, even though we have both been reluctant to take that step because it is completely passive, which is something we try to avoid. I was able to find an older version of a good make (Molift) that would cost a few thousand new. I was able to negotiate it down really cheap to $300 with new batteries and the seller brought it over -- extra bonus! What I like is that Rob can probably also use it for walking exercises once I get a good harness.

Molift Partner

I think it is a Partner 3 from 2009. This is the Molift Partner Operator manual.

Molift Partner Parts

Molift Partner Art no: 0224011-26 Serial no: 05.48.5

Charger Art. No: 1340001, 10-22 cells 0.9A, Fast NiCd/NiMH charger. Input: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz

Batteries: Molift Green Art no: 0540000-008 NiCd 07 30 Black  Art no: 0540000-005 NiCd 06.38

Remote Art. No: 2012000-57 Serial no 09.21

Remote: Dewert 51053  Remote Serial no: H873611 0082 Prod date: 40/08