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Home equipment

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Stand lifts & Standing Aids / Staliften & Sta-op hulpmiddelen

Reference information / Referentie-informatie

  • Eastin network: Mobile hoists for transferring a person in standing position – ISO Code: 12.36.04
  • Hulpmiddelenwijzer:: patiëntenliften actief
  • Wmo Amsterdam: Aanpassingen voor de slaapkamer aanvragen
  • Guidelines: Praktijkrichtlijnen zorgverleners (Dutch guidelines for care providers).
  • Besluit protocol: 15 aandachtspunten bij het kiezen van een hulpmiddel




Transfers are made …

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Bike trainers

We ordered a Christopeit Mini Bike MB4, which is made by a German company. It is very similar to a MagneTrainer sold in the US, but we could not find it where we live. Overall the trainer worked well, but needed some adaptions to make it easier to use.

We found that the original pedals …

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Shower chair / Douchestoel

  • Other languages: DE: Dusche Rollstuhl, DK: badekørestol, SE: duschrullstol
  • Eastin network: Assistive products for washing, bathing and showering
  • Hulpmiddelenwijzer: douche-toiletstoelen, zelfbeweger
  • Amsterdam Wmo: Aanpassingen badkamer aanvragen
  • Eigen bijdrage: Voor mensen met een Wlz-indicatie geldt geen eigen bijdrage voor  woningaanpassingen

N.B. Een verrijdbare douche/toiletstoel zonder elektrische uitvoering wordt NIET gezien als een Medisch Hulpmiddel en …

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Standing Frame / Statafel

Why it is good to stand

When Rob came home from rehab, it was clear to us that he needed something to help with standing. Standing is essential for so many things with the human body — we just are not meant not to stand!

Standing and weight-bearing build muscle, which improves the blood flow …

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Floor lift / Vloer tillift

Active lift (floor to sit) / Actief tillift (vloer te zit)

Eastin network: Mobile hoists for transferring a person in sitting position with sling seats – ISO Code: 12.36.03

Hulpmiddelenwijzer: patiëntenliften actief

We need a lift for floor to chair transfers to be able to get Rob back into the wheelchair by either me or on-call …

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Gait Trainers

Before we got approval for a standing frame from our insurance, I considered making a gait trainer with a harness system or to mount something to a beam on our ceiling with a harness. We may consider this again later, so I am including photo’s of the different systems and harness options available.

Since that …

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Standing poles / Pakpaal

Standing Pole / Pakpaal (steunpaal, grijppaal)

Eastin network: Free-standing rails for self-lifting – ISO Code: 12.31.09 and Fixed grab bars and handgrips – ISO Code: 18.18.06

Hulpmiddelenwijzer: steunpalen  €250 – €500

De Pakpaal

Pakpaal Kamerlingh Onnesweg 51 3316 GK Dordrecht Tel: 078-6172308 E-mail: Web:

De Pakpaal in verschillende formaten

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Bedroom / Slaapkamer


Burmeier, Lippe IV – For fitting to an existing bed

The Lippe IV bed insert can be easily fitted into an existing bed. Once in position, the comfort and height-adjustable range of 29 cm to 74 cm offer all the benefits of a modern care bed.

  • Safe working load of 200 kg
  • 24 …

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Kitchen / Keuken

General information / Algemene informatie

  • Search terms: NL: aangepaste keukens, hoog laag keuken, rolstoel keuken, Toegankelijke keuken, EN: wheelchair accessible kitchen, DE: rollstuhl küche, rollstuhlgerechte unterfahrbare küchen, barrierefreien küchen, erreichbarkeit küchen, FR fauteuil roulant facilité d’accès cuisine,  cuisine accessible, ES: silla de ruedas accesibilidad cocina, DK: kørestol tilgængeligt køkken SE: rullstolsanpassat kök, rullstol tillgängligt kök …

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Wheelchair Flooring


We are looking for flooring for a bedroom. The rest of the place is laminate flooring that will be hard to match. We don’t really have the money to re-do the whole place with quality laminate flooring, and we do not want hard tiles because of falls, vinyl because it would require being glued …

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The “winkel” (wet room)

This project was to renovate our utility room on the ground floor that we call the “winkel” (the shop) into an accesible wet room. I started it when Rob was in ICU, against all advice from many who had no right giving advice about it. I can’t say that was the easiest time to do …

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Balcony covering / Balkon overkapping


I have been looking into options for making some type of a cover for part of our balcony. We have a very long balcony that is completely open. The goal is to make an area that my husband who uses a wheelchair can go out onto the balcony, regardless of the weather, and use …

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