Our home Andijk

We moved into our house in July of 2001. It was built in 1650, and is one of the oldest houses in Andijk. For hundreds of years our house was a bakery, and bread was sold from the shop "winkel" at our side door on the bakery street "Bakkerstraat" .

The last family to actively run a bakery here was the de Boer family. The house was later used as a summer house and then a cafe/pension. It has been a single-family home since the mid-70's.

The house was renovated a few times and they kept most of the original beams and the wood floors are from an old local school, complete with ink marks. Probably the most unique feature is the old fireplace, most of it with original tiles from the 1600's.

We have renovated a few of the rooms also. There are a lot of rooms, but many of them are very small. As with all old houses, it's a never ending project.